Alan Graham Consultants - Why Work With Us

Our clients choose us because they…

  • Feel that we help them to think and act differently
  • Like the personal touch and need a tailored approach to their business
  • Achieve improved performance with sustainability
  • Value the importance of growing their people
  • Appreciate the way we understand their business
  • Are looking to unlock peak performance
  • Aspire their teams to reach new heights


“I have worked with Alan on a number of occasions and always find his counsel and guidance to be first class. Alan is able to see a problem in a variety of different ways by bringing a wealth of experience which enables him to help me contextualise the right solution. I have particularly benefitted from his coaching around construction of strategy and then visioning what the change will mean for my teams, customers and business”.
– Richard Gray Financial Planning Director Nationwide Building Society

“I met Alan when I was a delegate on a Financial Awareness programme. Alan is an excellent and very experienced trainer. You can see that in the first 10 minutes by how he makes feel people at ease and relaxed. By the end of the course you will also know that he can “walk the walk”. He will guide you through the complexities and intricacies of finance with a well paced balance of “action” and theory making it all more meaningful and relevant. Recommended!”
– Carlomaria Berruti, Buyer, Jaguar Land Rover

“Alan supported my department by implementing a Customer First programme. With his undoubted experience he challenged our thinking and helped us to understand the industry changes and created a compelling call to action to meet the needs of our customers differently. An excellent event, thank you.”
– Clive Redding Head of Wholesale and Channel Development, HSBC Group Ins.

“I was fortunate that I was able to work with Alan early on in my leadership journey. Alan and I began working together a couple of years after I became a new manager and had completed several leadership and development programmes. Alan navigated me through the results of my feedback, focusing on areas of achievement that I had independently failed to recognise and improvement opportunities that would have marked impact on my leadership presence. He always provided me with great insight, personal examples of how to implement changes, and kept me committed by regularly tracking progress. As a result of our time together, I have seen exceptional performance results and greater job satisfaction in my team members and a greater self-confidence in my own ability to lead a high performing team.”
– Evelyn Johnston Area Manager 3 Mobile

“I have known Alan for over 24 years and during this time I have seen his career go from strength to strength. He Is driven yet compassionate, a great listener yet a great teacher and speaker whose calm and relaxed manner inspires confidence and leadership not only within himself but also others. He is an astute business man yet his honesty and loyalty both in friendship and business set him apart from many others. He shows great attention to detail in all he does and I would highly recommend Alan as an incredible asset for any business or development project and those lucky enough to experience his work will most definitely be impressed.”
– Annette Rix Digital Media Specialist, Yell.Com

“Alan has supported me with several topics over the years. He always takes time to identify needs before tailoring a solution take us forward. Alan developed a first class Leadership Quality Control programme which we launched across the business to great effect. His delivery and follow through definitely produces results!!”
– Russell Jones Partnership Development Manager, St James Place Wealth Management

“Alan is excellent at asking thought provoking questions and I’ve been greatly impressed at how he’s helped me and others identify and grow their talents for career progression. He has had a dramatic impact on me, raising my self awareness and identifying areas for change. I would highly recommend being coached by Alan, it’s a great experience!”
– Paul Claussen Vice Chairman at Breckland Council

“Alan is a fantastic individual coach and excellent facilitator of group development sessions. He has an uncanny knack of asking just the right question at just the right time which challenges the thinking of me and my Executive team which results with innovative breakthrough thinking. Our team away days will never be the same again.”
– Steve Clarke Managing Director Malpasso Consultancy

“A highly experienced Senior Executive with particular strengths in Vision, Goal Setting, Holding to Account and highly developed Analytical Skills. He has led high performing teams for three decades and has a breadth and a strategic approach to business.”
– Larry Banda Divisional Director Nationwide Building Society

“Alan is a dynamic and credible business coach. His sensitive manner creates a safe space enabling the coachee to deeply explore their subject matter. He also brings wealth of business experience to his coaching sessions and a level of pragmatism that encourages accountability and commitment to take action.”
– Lisa Brice owner of Lisa Brice Inspiring Excellence

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Alan on a number of projects over several years. We co-designed and delivered some leading edge programmes as part of a long term culture change process. The results were highly impressive with Alan’s teams being regarded and actively promoted to the rest of the business benchmarking the high performance teams of the organisation’s vision.
Alan has a charming personality which enables him to connect with everyone and create ideal conditions for the trust and confidence required for effective learning. He is highly astute and has the systemic thinking necessary for creating sustainable interventions. He has a rare balance of professionalism and human values that makes him not only a delight to work with, but a highly effective change partner who will model the courage and conscious leadership required by any organisation or individual leader. I highly recommend Alan Graham to anyone looking for an outstanding change partner.”
– Lorraine Calland Managing Director Conscious Leadership Centre

‘I have had the privilege to work with Alan for over 20 years and very much regard him as my ‘best boss’. A great listener and coach, I went to Alan on numerous occasions with my ‘difficult situations’ and always left with the ideas and confidence to tackle them effectively. Alan consistently found time for his own development and he in turn supported and encouraged his teams to do the same. Alan innovated many development opportunities including an exceptional Leadership Programme which allowed me to understand and get to know my team better than ever before. This insight through no coincidence resulted in my own team delivering results which were to receive National recognition within my company. Alan has been ‘the’ great influence on my career and this is because he allowed me to see things I was unaware of and encouraged me to do things which for me didn’t seem possible”
– Phil Law Area Manager Financial Services

“Alan has coached me on a number of occasions over the last ten years. He asks insightful and challenging questions which, combined with his extensive business knowledge, has helped me to stand back and consider what is important in any given situation, whether that is in reviewing my business plan or handling a complex business relationship issue. Alan has always helped me to find a way forward and I value the support that he has given to me and my business.”
– Jacqueline Harris owner of Breath of Fresh Air